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"carol -i like both weisz and portman -black swan is the last hollywood movie that was as original take and portman gave it a schizoid character but i still think that to compete with garbo.s interpretation is rather impossible for these actresses as they lack angst -the essential element for the bundle of nerve that anna is -i think vanessa was great in atonement in the last few scenes -THIS IS SO BAD I actually put a status on FB saying kk should be droned by obama for this horror -i do agree with the bits about vronsky looking gay -he was a raging screaming queen .lol i was appalled -BEL AMI was terrible but the book is not as gr8 as AK but even BA was a blasphemy -they need to really start to assess themselves i find oscar winners very mediocre these days compared to cabaret ,godfather and deer hunter -these movies today are almost like made by film students or worst by teenagers who have not seen any cinema prior to 2000 ."

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