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"Ok well lets see, i have a landlord that is trying to forse us out of our home! Weve only been living here for about a month now. Scared to leave because we dont want him to break into our house, an were alwayz worried to come home to nothing! Our rent keap going up an down in price. He has been showing up an calling my work telling my coworkers an family my home life! He got mad because i keap asking him for a lease, an to please fix what needs to be fixed in the house. He called asking about the rent money, an i said what about the stuff you was to fix, he got mad an started tellin everyone that gonna call cys on me, an then he changed his number on me, didnt talk to him for like 3 weeks almost a month. Fanily after about a month, he starts showin back around. He called my work phone asking me about whats going on, am i just gonna leave, or give him money! I told him we have noother place to go an if he would of just fixed the stuff in the house an gave me a lease, i would pay him! I really need some help!ยก I have a son an work 2 jobs i cant just get walked on like this!"

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