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"Hello....haven't any intelligent, sentient, sexual, sensual,life-experienced mature adults seen this film, and wish to comment....? The 2 already here just didn't get the point at's about therapy......and trying to hold together a stagnant relationship......very real, very true........REAL LIFE, baby. Mark Kermode liked it. I'm told that Barry Norman (& Jonathan Ross), and that smart, sassy, intelligent female film critic (name escapes me, sorry, but I admire her views)....on BBC1, also like, how come the reviews here are so un-perceptive & boring? Obviously not old, sympathetic enough to realise that this is a form of "cinema verite".......slow-ish, yes; but a fascinating piece of characterisation by both Streep & T.L.Jones. It may not be YOUR life, if you're under 30 - but, watch out! it can get like this........and, these two people are trying to SAVE a marriage....not just walk away into another's bed & wreck lives....Gosh! amazing! This film has an amazing message, wonderfully acted.....pity it's wasted......."

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