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"honestly the movie is a bit of a drag but it does succeed in killing america and all its politicians from'' jefferson to obama''with its last few lines -i wonder if the novel had the same lines but it couldnt have as it was written in 73 and the movie is set in time of obama and mc CAIN ,so someone has improvised on the book and made this an indiction on the consumerist hell that america is and ma ybe was since it was founded ,now all that finger pointing at jefferson is totally true but it wont get any nominations for the script for sure ,the director did imbue an atmospheric chill to the screen at cost of pacing with his stylish cinematography but at times the abundant dialogues do get a bit on your nerves ,it did not have any silly loopholes or cliched flashbacks or those really irritating back and forth narrative techniques and thank god for that ."

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