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"I have yet to see the film myself but have read ON THE ROAD once a year for ten years, have read the origonal scroll adaptation several times and love listening to the 50th anniversary audiobook as read by Will Patton (not a fan of the Matt Dilllon version) and the only real critique I have based on the limited trailer shots I've watched is Hedlund's moment of self reflection. Based on that moment alone I'm sure I won't like the movie. Here's why: Anyone who understands the Cassady/Moriarty persona knows that he does not possess that kind of calm even kiel self reflection. He has moments of self reflection that are delivered in a transparent con-man style but he does not possess the manicured and tamed delivery that Hedlund gives. Moriarty is a manic saint who can't stop long enough for self reflection and that is why Sal follows him. Because he is Beatific. He's not human. He rarely makes eye contact that doesn't involve his body continually moving. I see Hedlund's shots as brooding and worst of all pre-determined. If you can't be the Moriarty/Cassady that Sal/Kerouac describes then we have no reason to ride along. It's what On The Road is about. But according to internet hits and articles I've read this movie is about Kristen Stewart and a topless handjob in a car."

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