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"I think you raised a very good point. I am, we are (admittedly on occasions) overly sensitive, but mostly because we are passionate about making films and in particular making this film. This is not just 'a job'. This is my first feature film. It took a lot of work, blood, sweat and tears to get it financed, made and distributed. It is a minor miracle to be able to watch it in 50 cinemas nationwide and in Ireland. And I keep on going to screenings where the audience experience is wildly different from the dismissive reviews. But don't get me wrong. I agree 100% with you that opinions differ, and I appreciate that everyone is entitled their opinion. I guess with more films under my belt I will get more blasè and get used to this 'games'. Maybe not. However for now, I will still marvel at the miracle of people coming to cinema to watch it, buy their popcorn, enjoy it, clap come out of it with a smaile and say thank you at the end to every screening. At least to the ones where I've been. And so far we've had a few. Tonight hopefully another one at CIneworld O2. Opinions, thank God, do differ. All the best to you all and Timeout and apologies for my overt display of emotions. Im Italian after all. Take care e"

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