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"Thank you Jonny. I couldn't agree more. I have read all the reviews and wonder exactly what is going on. I watched it in Leicester Square with 200 people who laughed and enjoyed it. The film got some decent reviews from a lot of people. maximum 2 stars yes. A lot of the one star critics have been very personal and its been very much directed at Noel Clarke and how gross the jokes were. C'mon! have you not been at the cinema in the last 10 years? Are seriously telling me The Knot is the most offensive film made recently? It is a lot better and funnier than A LOT of other wedding films out there. But the intensity (and the tenacity) of the criticism tells me there is something else here. The extreme, nasty and sarcastic criticism sounds more like an attempt to do a Mr Clarke's 'character assassination' than to do with the merit of (or lack of) the film. Which makes it all rather unpleasant. But I'm sure mr Clarke, will dust himself off and carry on regardless. Star Trek next. keep writing guys."

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