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"Thanks Keaoin for setting me straight. You see, I was under the impression that this movie was based on a book called On the Road by a writer named Jack Kerouac. I was completely unaware that Hedlund had spent time with the real Cassady, learning his idiosyncratic nuances and behavior tendencies. Now that I know that this movie is "real" I can understand why my expectations should be altered to accept the realness of this film adaptation...ooops....reliving of actual events as they really happened as witnessed by the cast and crew of On The Road (the movie...not to be confused with Jack Kerouac's wildly fantastical and historically inaccurate lesser piece of bullshit known as a novel). Walter Salles, having been present for all of the events of the MOVIE-that's actually true-he was present for the whole movie...but more importantly having actually lived as both Kerouac and Cassady in a previous group think life- can now show us exactly what happened so that we, the uninformed audience, can experience the reality of the Salles/Keroac/Cassady symbiosis without that Kerouac guy exaggerating like he does. Wow. I hope the K Stewart handjob scene is as real as the time she gave one to Salles because only that could carry the authentic stamp of REAL realness of handjob free love. Oh wait, that was a different movie. Was that Snow white movie real too or just a cheap knock off of what really happened? I'm losing track of reality Keoin. What's real again? What I experience and transfer to typed posting or what Salles directs into being having been best buddies with Burroughs. Wasn't he in Drugstore Cowboy? I think that was fake too. I mean Burroughs was fake. He overdid the real William Burroughs. The real William Burroughs looks more like Aragon or that naked russian dude who knife fights gangsters in showers. Hey did you know that Eastern promises is just the retelling of the story of Moses (which is real! John Salles was there) but instead of Isrealites we get Russians. Watch it in that context. No, seriously. But be for warned. I think the movie is a piece of fiction. And there's no handjobs."

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