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"Really entertaining take on the cliches of the horror genre and a deliberate homage to dozens of well-loved movies. The critics seem divided into two camps. Those that don't get satire or have a sense of humour, and those that wanted a straight scary horror movie and didn't get one. It isn't that scary, and it couldn't possibly be, as that clearly isn't the main aim here. Don't watch it with those expectations. The whole thing sends up the genre, and as for the people saying it wasn't a clever send-up, I guess they preferred those dumb 'scary movie' travesties - as this is the best and most affectionate film-loving go at this I've seen to date. Don't be fooled by the fact that it looks like a cliched Buffy-type slasher. If that's what you see then you have really missed the point. The scene with the japanese schoolgirls is very funny."

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