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"Saw this again (in 3D) on Sat 22nd Sep. 3 girls around 12 were sitting in my favourite seats (front row center) so me and bro, who hadn't seen it and is a student, so £7.50 is a lot to him, sat by the entry aisle, feeling a bit peeved, but hey! I love the front row, why shouldn't they? Indeed, how nice to see kids that obviously want to concentrate fully on this spellbinding film....WRONG! Half hour in they just couldn't sit still so, about half way through I had to politly request they did so....apologies aplenty. Silence to the 75 min mark, then the ULTRA annoying glow of a mobile & JUSTIN BIEBER (so much younger bro informed me) starts warbling! I saw red and near ordered them out, as I did many a time in my younger day during 6 years at a cinema. Silence for the rest of it, but it had been ruined by now. Despite tuts directed at them from other customers, no one dared challenge them, I suppose through fear of getting thumped by their dad in the foyer (?) How sad. One small crumb, got 2 "free" 3D tickets which bro will use in the West End with his lady this Xmas, saving him big £....but what a sad indictment that a film of THIS quality can only hold many kids attention for half hour tops."

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