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"I finally caught up with film on DVD. I agree it's splendidly acted, particularly , by the two leads. However I felt that there were things that didn't work. Foe example Samantha's decision to take Cyril on seemed very spur of the moment. That it was agreed to by social services seems problematic. Similarly her decison to ditch her boyfriend came out of nowhere in that there had been no suggestion that relations between them were poor. The father was clearly a tosser but there was no mention of a mother or any wider family network. These plot holes really jarred. As to the final shot, I found it rather perfunctory. It certainly didn't carry the emotional weight for this viewer that the freeze frame at the end of 'The 400 Blows' does. It's such a pity because I believe that if the film had been developed a bit more it would have been a much better film deserving of 5 stars."

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