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"Firstly, have to say this is incredibly well made and acted, but is it innovative cinema? Personally i knew what to expect going in from what I'd read and hanekes previous films and got exactly what I'd expected. Holy Motors was a far more innovative film with fresh perspectives on love and death and should have won the palm d'or. Having been a carer for many years I just felt it dwelled on the negatives, there was a lack of the everyday humour that gets you through which seemed inauthentic. Haneke, whose cinema if often that of the ordeal chooses instead to eschew all good humour and focus resolutely on the terror of ageing, ultimately he also seems to endorse euthanasia. This is a film by a director who is scared of ageing, the debilatative nature of it and its a negative view of old age. Old age here is something that should be snuffed out as its too hard. It's really not an affirming picture of humanity in my view, although doubtless others will think the contrary. My advice is watch holy motors on curzon on demand instead!"

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