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"Anyone going to see this movie should be aware the trailers take at least 20-25 minutes, so I was a little bit bored before the film began to roll. If you’re of a certain age (eg 40+), you’ll have seen a fair few Middle Eastern / hostage / thriller type movies in your time. Affleck’s choice of character types is very formulaic - right down to the nerdy nervous pain-in-the-neck who pulls through for the group when the chips are down. . I don’t think this is a bad film, but neither is it great. It’s sure to turn up on TV on Christmas Day (2013). Alan Arkin’s role should have been rewritten and made bigger once he was cast - he can knock spots off many of the cast and was very good in this. . Though I think "Argo" will get a few nominations (as Hollywood currently loves Bennifer), I’d be really surprised if this film won any major awards. For a thriller it wasn’t that thrilling. I saw this at Cineworld Fulham - where the audience attention span is above average - and around the 1hr15m mark there were a fair few smartphones coming out, and two walked out. It was reassuring to see my opinion that Bennifer completely loves Bennifer has been maintained- he had himself filmed dressing in front of a mirror - something the movie didn’t need, but Bennifer’s vanity clearly did. I would have given this movie three stars, but Bennifer’s nauseating vanity brings it down two stars."

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