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"Hmmn.. Having gone by the high Timeout rating, but without reading a review, I had no idea what to expect from Argo. . I thought the first half hour was gripping and really quite edgy. Lots of period detail, good camerawork, decent acting. A real treat.. Then it all degenerated into a self-serving American flag waving propaganda piece, with the CIA cast in the role of 'budy cop' good guys! Such a liberty!! . 5 minutes on Wikipedia shows this to be willful misdirection from the real issues surrounding this period of the region (yeah, mostly Western Imperialist stuff!) I left the cinema feeling used and manipulated, like watching a Fox News Gulf War report! As with the racist and homophobic 'The Devil's Double' (An Iraqi set lampooning of Sadam Hussein's psycopathic son Uday), I smell a stinky agenda.. . **Iranians are bad/ backward/ victims, who need 'liberating' by the American War Machine**"

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