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"I very much agree with the review by Richard here. The acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix is very good, and the film is cinematically well made, but these two things alone are not enough for a film to be enjoyable. Absolutely nothing happens in the film, and it seems really long and dragged out. I prefer slower, more intelligent films (such as The Shipping News and Midnight in Paris) to action blockbusters, but found The Master to be interminable. I should have known the way this would go after seeing a close-up shot of Joaquin Phoenix's eyes at the very beginning of the film that went on for about two minutes! After about halfway, I felt like I myself was being subjected to "processing" by The Cause – the series of infuriating and repetitive tasks that members of the cult are made to carry out or sit through. There is no reason for this film to be nearly two and a half hours long. The (lack of) story could have been told in 90 minutes, and preferably less. It makes Waiting For Godot look like Star Wars. It would have been good if the film showed more about the development of The Cause over time and how people were attracted to it, but there was very little exposition of this central theme of the film. The only thing that happens regarding the organisation is a minor change in dogma (I'm sure it's intended to be a very, very major change!) of the "four legs good, two legs better" from Animal farm variety. The Master has "made for Oscar success" written all over it. It is intended to be a serious piece of grown-up cinema that probes a number of "issues", such as the nature of power, relationships, alcohol addiction, the scars of war and damaged personalities, but it is actually a long-winded ramble with no direction and no plot. The director seems to think that occasional outbursts of violence will stand in well enough for twists and turns in the story and change of pace, but they do not. How some of the other reviewers here can go and see it two or three times in quick succession is beyond me. I just wish I'd followed the example of other people in the cinema when I saw it who walked out halfway through, or at least taken the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. If you enjoy slow, rambling "oscar-worthy" films where nothing happens except "acting", then go and see The Master. If you prefer a film to actually have some kind of pace and story to keep you interested then don't go anywhere near this film – ever!"

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