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"I'm giving this film one star because some things about it were ok. The movie looks superb, and the period is invoked well too with the old cars and most of the costumes. Even the acting is ok. But what in my opinion horribly fails is the script and the directing. These two guys have managed to turn not only Jack Kerouac's amazing literary work, but also the entire 'beat' ethos into nothing more than a banal, sex-driven, drug-addled bore, where the lines supposedly portraying the ebullience and abundance of lust for life come out as teenage stoned musings no more relevant than what any drunk kid might utter on a saturday night to his girlfriend or his buddy. If the mood of Kerouac's novel and the Beat ethos more generally were nothing but an empty hedonistic attempt to escape reality then they would not have had the lasting and significant influence upon culture they have had. Anyone can become a poet in a momentary flash of drug or alcohol fuelled rapture. But it is a rare thing that the lived philosophy of a few people become a cultural landmark of ongoing importance, articulated with such brilliance in their own words, in their own style. This movie is so far from that spirit that it probably shouldn't have been called "On the Road"."

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