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"Proof. You can have great actors, very good director, big budget but if the script fails it all fails.The story seemed to borrow from all the previous Bond movies. To succeed it has to be unique but still remain true to the rest of the films. Tough ask but that's what it has to be in modern cinema.It cannot afford to look and feel tired. It shamelessly and literally borrowed from the past- Aston Martin etc etc.. the plot was iondeed full of holes and the endiong was created on the backl of an envelope such was its desperation to get to the end credits. Bardem was an excellent baddie, though. However, I fear that the new 'M' will be one big yawn. 'Bland' is being kind. 'Q' worked well. The fish rots from the head down and the Broccolis need a good spring clean and a drastic re-think. School report- ok, but could and must do a lot better."

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