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"Any film that dramatises historic events has a context. Where those events are so harrowing and important as The Iranian Revolution, there is a clear responsibility on the film maker to treat 'history' with a certain amount of respect. There is of course a balance to be struck between storytelling and factual accuracy. . Two films that have pulled this off extremely well are 'The Kite Runner' and 'The Last King of Scotland'; where artistic license is used to tell a 'greater truth' about the human condition, without distorting key elements of history, or our understanding of what transpired. . The greater truth behind 'Argo' is that we only know the CIA role in events portrayed because they have chosen to declassify it for PR purposes. Although well directed and shot, I'm comfortably sure it would not have been commissioned/ funded but for the propaganda value: to show the Iranians in a bad light and the clever American CIA in a good one (wave flag). We learn nothing about ourselves. The 'lie well told' here seems for the sake of propaganda rather than art."

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