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"As an old fan of Bond films, i found this film very disappointing. As other reviewers pointed out already, the cars, the girls, the exotic locations, the gadgets are all missing. But whats missing the most is Bond and a plot. Craigs Bond lacks charisma and charm, self-sarcasm and cosmopolitan feeling, whilst his physique , is more appropriate for an aging night club bouncer than a suit from Savile Row. He struggles to deliver his one -liners and convince. And what can i say about the script: it is just plain stupid. Bond is given a radio transmitter so that his position can be located as if the signal from his mobile phone is not good enough; Bond choses to take M to some deserted castle in Scotland, cause hey, there is no better place to protect her than in the middle of nowhere with shotguns for shooting pheasants; M, the head of M16 is trying to hide in the night with a torch in her hand...and the list is endless. Oh, did i mention that Bond , for the first time in all films, fails his mission in the end? Or that he previously admits a homosexual experience? I bet thats Craig own contribution to the script. I have seen some bad films in my life that were somehow entertaining to watch. This was just painful and boring."

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