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"Great film making. Those who say there is no progression...?? It's like a dance of death between the two protagonists (the opening image of the roiling wake of a boat is a clue). The fascination is in watching them circle one another. Freddie is attracted yet repelled by this attractive/destructive individual, almost wishing he could believe this nonsense. The fascination of the film is how he hovers near the whirlpool. Will he be drawn in? Will he resist? Will he be changed in some way? Will he be prompted to commit a final act of violence? Had we be given a point of catharsis, the movie would have become something completely different, more glib, less ambiguous, and in my opinion less powerful. If you want to see something plot heavy, watch a thriller, or read a detective novel, if you want a psychological study and to be challenged, try this. (By the way, saw this at a matinee at my local Cineworld. The only person who left was an elderly lady during the cussing and swearing in the prison scene. Heard no negative remarks. Obviously the people of Wandsworth could cope)"

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