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"I really wanted to like this film, if only to annoy Scrumpyjack, but I couldn't. The simple reasons are as follows. The best bits are the kids who effectively repeat what they did in the first film. The worst bit is Wootton who manages to be both annoying and wooden. Its an ok made for tv family piece of amusement but is a good half an hour too long as it is padded out by long walks through the Welsh countryside and the other acts who fulfill every cliche of twee irish dancing, sweet girls dressed as puddings and a weak Jutin Bieber imitator as well as Tennant's evil twin brothers ubder competitive choir as the other competitors. Tme to call a halt to an unfunny series. Giving it its due it might not be to my taste but others seem to like it as there must have been five times as many people watching it in the same screen at the same time as the Master last week. Not the worst film of the year but a very long way from the best. If you need to take the kids to the movies this weekend see Madagascar. if you have seen that and fancy a christmas film for the kids stay at home and buy Arthur Christmas or a Home Alone movie. One star is all it is really worth."

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