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"I certainly did not feel it was a negative view of ageing and unlike some others i felt it was a typically Haneke film , cutting right to the heart of ageing Orrat least how some of us will experience ageing. My own mother had a stroke and although unable to speak, feed herself or move it seemed to me she was not happy at what had happed to her ... to say the least. she was 84 and had been working one day, teaching piano as it happens and the next day was virtually a vegetable. i felt the performances were brilliant and the insensitivity of the daughter, thinking only of herself is how probably how most of us would behave, she was grief ridden but couldn't see that her father was too and needed to be left to manage doing what he had to do. For me it cut right to the bone and although not all of us will end our days in that particular scenario it will not be easy for anyone. Like birth, death and chronic illness can never be planned and always surprises us ... why it should i don't know. We know many things about life but death we seem to feel is unnatural. A superb and deeply affecting film."

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