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"It's wonderful to see this magnificent movie back on the big screen where it belongs. It was always a handsome looking movie but the 1988 restoration, essentially a Directors Cut, revealed that it was a much better movie than originally thought. I remember seeing it first in a heavily cut version which dimished its effect significantly. For me it's a movie that improves with age and this digital restoration is superb. One effect is to clean up the soundtrack so that more details of both the music and sound effects are revealed. I see that the script is described as pretentious by one viewer. No, it's a literate script which is a joy to listen to when spoken by so many first class actos. The film can rightly be criticised for some historical inaccuracy but it isn't a documentary. In the end this is what cinema at its best is all about. In its intelligence, scope and ambition it makes a lot of contemporary cinema look pretty pitiful."

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