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"The review has it about right. Overall it is a disappointment and the longer the film goes on, and in places it does drag, the more I am convinced that the decision to stretch the originally planned two films to three is about box office revenue and filling film opening slots than actual merit. The filling and stretching isn't as bad as in the last two Twilight films but this will win no awards other than possibly a few for technical excellence. I was in a virtually empty large screen with just a few that looked die hard fans and there was no sense of excitement from anyone as they came out. I fear this will be much like the Star Wars prequels with two disappointing films giving clues to an eventual crescendo in the last half of the third. As a film its like a supermodel great to look at, though the 3D does get to your eyes before the end, but all a bit empty. Worth 3 stars as an event but struggling to get much above 2 when it comes to plot. Probably 6 out of ten. Must do better in the next film."

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