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"It's a terrible modernisation of a beautiful story. I was wincing and cursing all the way through it. Whoever made this took immense liberties with the original story. It's almost <choke> Disney <face turns pale>. It made me angry, as a waste of my time and money, but also as a desecration of a book I really enjoyed. All they've done is take the characters from the Hobbit, (and add a bunch of new ones!) and write a whole bunch of new situations. But whoever did it lacked taste, tone, and skill. It's as if they thought "Hey, as long as the characters names are the same, anything we do is okay." However, the touch of the master storyteller is woefully lacking. All they seem to want to do is make money off the Hobbit name. But the one good thing is, I know not to see the next two parts. And I'll re-read the book too... Hopefully that'll wash the poison off! A bad trip, this one. See it and decide for yourself... But having seen it, if I could go back and warn myself not to, and not see it, whilst still retaining the knowledge of how bad it actually was, then I would surely thank myself... If only it was merely forgettable!"

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