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"I just wanted to point out that this was a re-imagining, so of course elements will change. I loved the hand held camera, the use of natural light and the lack of dialogue. For me, it wasn’t necessary; it still build up the closeness of the 2 characters, who needs speech? The casting was brilliant; the two youngsters did very well in the challenging roles before them. I have read the book and seen many adaptations but this one actually made me feel for the characters. Yes, the content is bad: animal abuse, the beatings, the 2 lovers never being able to be together, but that’s the story and that’s what it was like. The idea of Heathcliff being black only made it more realistic and understanding for me. The first half gave a feeling of anguish and that feeling did continue in to the second half. To be honest, the first half was my favourite. The 2nd part felt like it was trying to conclude and the characters did seem different from the characters the kids created. I do believe more could have been done with the 2nd half to conclude the story and create more emotion but I believe the director was attempting to be true to the novel. The acting of the later Cathy and Heathcliff did not evoke as much emotion as the first too and for me the story, although a lot seemed to be happening, moved way too slowly. I believed the director did so much with the first half with regard to the camera work, it was unnecessary in the future and the story could have moved much quicker without the slower scenes. Saying that, as someone else here pointed out, the character of Heathcliff became very isolated and this was put across brilliantly. This is not a Hollywood big budget with beauty queens; it’s a retelling of a classic novel, raw and very skilfully delivered. I rarely watch tv but this film really gripped me within the first 10 minutes. Very well executed."

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