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"Well Peter Jackson, you have really messed up bad. Here's why: 1) Stiff, pathetic and poor acting - laughable performances from some 2) Visuals ok, but we've seen it all before 3) Toe-curling use of a tense Martin Freeman, who is quite obviously unhappy and wants to be somewhere else than in the shoes of Bilbo 4) Many lines read out like a weak read-through of the script caught on camera - very clunky script 5) No tension or atmosphere 6) Plasticy-looking dwarves, you can clearly see the make-up when you shouldn't be able to 7) Overlong and boring as a Christmas cracker joke. Overall The Hobbit was pretentious, pompous and pathetic. Words I would never want to speak about Jackson, a very talented director and the man behind the excellent Fellowship of the Ring. Two Towers was good, Return of the King disappointing but I still thought it was ok. Hobbit was an embarrassment to LOTR, a trilogy I very much admired in certain ways. I hope the team will give the audience what they deserve in the next film... If you TRULY loved The Fellowship, then you would join me in condeming this mess of a film. Or, you can fool yourselves... for a bit. 4/10"

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