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"Technically speaking, it is certainly a good movie, with very strong performances, slick direction and convincing epoch reconstitution. A timely thought-provoking piece too, given the worrying rise of personality cults and self-proclaimed ‘thought leaders’ - leadership seems to be the opium of today’s most aspirational and power hungry segments of the managerial middle classes , Orwell’s 1984 was visionary! - self help / life coaching gurus and proliferating best-selling, sermon-giving popular philosophers indulging in prescriptive sectarian discipline and outright intellectual charlatanism. What a joke. A pity therefore that this movie does not really address, in my opinion, the pseudo-charismatic and absolutely flawed nature of such ‘Masters’, and that one in particular clearly deserved a serious critical treatment! This film seems, on the whole, bizarrely sympathetic to the Cause and strangely generous in portraying its leader and powers… – or is that supposed to be part of the thought-provoking dimension? Let’s assume it is. Interesting that it ends in Great Britain."

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