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"This is the sort of film which film reviewers relish. Subversive, essentially cerebral and multi--layered. Edward Norton's anarchical anti-hero is fleshed out with Brat Pitt's raw sex appeal. In a modern Kafkaesque setting the enemy is the system which emasculates and alienates. Fight Club is the metaphor for a return to a primal world of male violence with its alphadog brutality. But despite its invention and originality, Fight Club is not an easy film to watch. It's too bizarre! Both Norton and Pitt do their best to lighten the bleakness with off-beat humour . . . but they never enlist the viewers' sympathies . .. The characters are ideas rather than individuals. In fact it's the only woman in the film, Helena Bonham Carter with her totally convincing American accent who almost manages to portray a real live human being. I'm afraid I can't enthuse about a film which remains obstinately diffuse and nihilistic. However one must applaud the film's attempts to try to deal with the plight of the American male whose wholesome physicality is pinned down by bureaucracy and restrictive social and cultural conditioning. But it's too dark, too grotesque and too confusing . . and in the end, has nowhere to go."

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