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"While a good film, I did not think this to be superior to the original. It follows similar lines, made to fit the contemporary world and it's worries. The performances are great, direction is great. The only blip is an unanswered question or two. Washington's character, Marco, has a friend who helps him out. This man refers to Marco as helping him out of Albania, however he is called a German by another character - I'm not sure what he is, however that doesn't matter so much as what becomes of him. Marco goes back to visit him for the 3rd time during the course of the movie and finds all trace of the man gone at his lab. Where'd he go? This is not only not answered but not even addressed by any character. Marco seems a little disturbed at the sight of the cleaned out lab, however he's obviously not too bothered because he asks no questions! There were some other questions, however to ask them would be to ruin the film for those who have not seen this version or the original. So I'll just end off by saying that this was pretty good entertainment, as was the original, and you're not wasting your time by watching it...although you might waste your time later by asking unanswerable questions about it."

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