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"I'm a huge fan of Indiana Jones movies... All of them. Big fan, have the comic books, ALL dvds, young indies on VHS, PLUS action figures...However, Im sorry. I'm also a very serious critic believing in justic with the pro's and cons, and I have to say. This movie is going to suck. No nazis. To the devils with it. Sure I'll go see it in the matinee, it aint gonna be good though. Im very sad when I read that interview saying there was no nazis. It aint gonna be good. Personally, as far as age goes, I couldn't give a rats if Harry was 75. He needs to do his job, he gets big bucks for this work. I know Harry does the character the best, and there's nobody on earth like him. But Georgie and Steve-o are multi-billionares probably. They can't TRY to find a younger actor? They did it with River Phoenix who played many roles in the young series, as well as the very beginning of last crusade. There's gotta be somebody out there. That's all I have to say."

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