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Flowing Tide

Bars & pubs

A recent renovation has converted the much-loved Tide from a reliable Dublin boozer with a raffish edge into a trendy place with polished wood floors and...

9 Abbey Street Lower


Bars & pubs

The Abbey Street entrance leads to a snug, old-style dark wooden bar that's good for quiet pints or watching football in peace. The back of the pub - with...

37 Upper Abbey Street


Bars & pubs

An abundance of cyrillic script stencilled on the walls does not an authentic Russian bar make; but Pravda pulls off the ersatz Eastern European thing...

35 Liffey Street Lower


Critics' choice
Bars & pubs, Clubs

One of the more consistent spots on the north side of Dublin's River Liffey, this Russian-themed bar has comfy seating and a fine selection of vodkas, all...

35 Lower Liffey Street

Sin é

Bars & pubs, Clubs

Located on the north side of the quays, two minutes' walk from Capel Street Bridge, Sin é survived initial fad-dom to secure an enduring place as one of...

14-15 Ormond Quay


Bars & pubs, Clubs

While its decor is stylish and trendy, Traffic's glory days as a style bar seem to have passed. However, it's now becoming a favourite venue for aspiring...

54 Middle Abbey Street


Bars & pubs, Music

This place proudly proclaims itself home from home for 'Aussies, Kiwis and Saffas'. Drinking pints, playing pool and watching sport on TV fill up the day,...

Parnell Centre


Bars & pubs

Few bars provoke such divisive reactions as this vast booze jungle. Inside are palm trees and 'African' decorations; outside are queues of teens and early...

36 Ormond Quay Lower