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Aha Ha Ha


The city's best-known joke shop is flagged by an oversized Groucho moustache and glasses above the front door. You'll also find stage make-up, magic tricks...

99 West Bow

Geoffrey (Tailor) Kiltmakers & Weavers


One of the city's best Highland outfitters stocks kilts (including children's kilts), ladies' kilted skirts and all the relevant accessories.

57-61 High Street
Major venue

Mr Wood's Fossils

Critics' choice

Fossils of all sizes and to suit all budgets are sold here, as well as a good range of minerals, both polished and unpolished, and jewellery incorporating...

5 Cowgatehead

Russian Shop


Stocks an array of Matryoshka dolls, Russian dolls, ceramics, laquerwork, wooden crafts and icons.

18 St Mary's Street