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Museum of Childhood


This popular attraction was founded in 1955 by local councillor Patrick Murray, who made sure that visitors understood the difference between a museum of...

42 High Street
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Museum of Scotland

Critics' choice

The museum, previously known as the Museum of Scotland before merging with the Royal Museum, was judged to be the Scottish Building of the Year after its...

Chambers Street
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National Gallery of Scotland

Critics' choice
Art, Attractions, Museums

Edinburgh has a wealth of institutions serving the visual arts, but perhaps none is as grand as the National Gallery. Built by William Playfair in 1848, it...

The Mound
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Our Dynamic Earth

Attractions, Museums

Our Dynamic Earth is near the former home of Edinburgh-born James Hutton, the father of geology. It's anyone's guess what he'd make of its modern, tent-like...

Holyrood Road
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