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Sheep Heid Inn

Critics' choice
Bars & pubs

Legend has it that this place got its name from the motif on a snuff box presented by King James VI some years before he legged it to London to become James...

43-45 The Causeway

Stockbridge Restaurant

Restaurants & cafés

One of Edinburgh's leading neighbourhood restaurants, this is a very smart basement venue indeed. With award-winning chef and proprietor Jason Gallagher...

54 St Stephen Street



The plainly named Store is a blend of farm shop, mini-greengrocer and quality deli and there are always treats to catch the eye - breads, artisanal cheeses...

13 Comely Bank Road

Theatre Workshop


Anyone who recalls this small, boho establishment as the centre of Stockbridge life will be saddened to see how underused it is these days. Things are...

34 Hamilton Place

West End Apartments


Housed in a Victorian terrace, these apartments have a traditional feel, and some come with great views. They're located just on the other side of Dean...

2 Learmonth Terrace