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Take me to my Time Out city

Local restaurants, world class dining • Asia

Time Out’s tough-to-please food editors from around the world pick their favourite local restaurant for 2014

S'pore Chicken Rice

Our favouriite local restaurants: Maxwell Food Centre in Singapore


Our Asia editors’ selection of their favourite local restaurants for 2014 reveals a taste for drama; here, ceilings drip with chandeliers, dishes are matched with soundtracks and scents, and even presentation on the plate is astonishingly detailed. If you want to be stunned by the inventiveness of Tokyo‘s top molecular chef, or if you get excited by the idea of dipping a foie gras cigarette into a dusting of cabbage ash while video projections surround you with drifting smoke in Shanghai, then this very finest of Eastern dining (and, of course, these Eastern bars) is for you.

Our editors’ favourite local restaurants






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