In the studio with Laure Prouvost



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Posted: Thu Mar 25 2010

Laure Prouvost makes wittily surreal short films collaging fast-paced images with text. Often self-narrated, she speaks in disjointed, dreamlike passages, using language that both charms and chastises. She is also director of online video gallery Her film, 'It, Heat, Hit', shows in the Art Now Lightbox at Tate Britain (Mar 6-May 2 2010). She works from a studio in Hackney.

Your work seems to be as much about language as it is about film…

'Yes, I use subtitles and translation a lot - not from language to language but between mediums, like from word to sound. Maybe because French is my first language I've experienced quite a lot of misunderstandings with words, but perhaps that's also where the playful, surreal elements come from.'

What's 'It, Heat, Hit' about?

'I wanted to experiment with making a 3D film without it actually being 3D, so I played around with the sound as well as the visuals, using a five-speaker audio that includes a drumbeat which functions like the heartbeat to the film.'

If you don't mind me saying, it creates quite a tense atmosphere…

'(Laughs) I was worried that it might come across as aggressive, but as the narrator on the soundtrack I do actually apologise for that in the film - I hope that the humour in that comes across too!'

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