Time Out logo graffitied in Shoreditch



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Our iconic magazine logo joins nine others that have been cleaned into the east London grime

Under the cover of night on October 19, 'clean art' pioneer Moose Benjamin Curtis (www.symbollix.com) made his mark on the mucky streets of Shoreditch by cleaning ten iconic magazine logos – including Time Out's – on to the pavements and buildings. The grot will eventually reclaim its turf, but we'll always have the photographic evidence…

Time Out: cutting through London's crap since 1968! Time Out: cutting through London's crap since 1968! - © Travis Hodges

Clean art (aka reverse graffiti or grime writing) is a process invented by Moose Benjamin Curtis, and uses a high-powered cleaning jet to blast through the dirt on streets, walls and buildings. Artists use stencils to selectively reveal the clean surfaces that lurk beneath urban filth.

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Dazed & Confused does not pay photographers and Time Out only gives work to photographers the sign away copyright to Time Out. They then can reprint these images in their many books and magazines in perpetuity. This is one way they have survived the recent downturn.