Up at The O2

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Up at the O2

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Up at the O2

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Tower Hamlets

This attraction at the O2 gives visitors the chance to go on a guided expedition across the arena roof, via a tensile fabric walkway that peaks at 53m above ground level. At the summit there's an observation platform, giving views right over London: the Olympic Park, Thames Barrier, the Shard and Canary Wharf. This outdoor challenge begins at 'Base Camp', where participants are kitted out in jumpsuits, shoes and safety harnesses before being guided in groups along the walkway. It is suitable for most people aged ten years and over and at least 1.2 metres tall; accessible tours for those with disabilities, including wheelchair-users, are also available.

Venue name: Up at The O2
Address: The O2
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX
Opening hours: Daily from 10am
Transport: Tube: North Greenwich
Price: From £26

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4.8 / 5

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Charly L

Compared to other high climbs around the world, this isn't the most exciting or picturesque ... but compared to other London activities, it's well priced, and a fun way to see the city from a different angle.  DON'T do a singles event there unless they guarantee you're going up 'boy/girl/boy/girl' on the chain (as there's no switching position!) But DO go up there for a third or fourth date - great shared experience on a date.

Don't worry about the cold - in winter they give you different outer gear to summer, but if you're a girl, make sure you're wearing trousers!

Charly Lester - Time Out Head of Dating

Peter Clark

OK, fact fans here's one for you - I don't do heights. Never have and never will. I was offered the opportunity to do a similar climb over the Sydney Harbour Bridge when I was Down Under and the very thought of it made me nearly pass out. The big difference is that someone like me looks at the Bridge and thinks 'Meccano' but the O2 is different. For those who can remember back to the turn of the century the O2 was the Dome and that's the key word, as for those of us of a vertiginous persuasion, it offers all of the climbing with none of the long way down. On arrival you check in and go into the briefing room where you sign away your life on a series of disclaimers and then are treated to a quite frankly cringe worthy briefing video that even the staff were apologetic about. Then to business - the suits are optional but help with making you feel part of an extreme activity and it was early enough in the morning even in Summer that they didn't make us hot. With straps and harnesses all in place our leader took us to the point of embarkation. At this point he mentions casually that the walk way has been designed to replicate the surface of the dome itself and is slightly bouncy. BOUNCY! No one said anything about bouncy until I'm stood there trussed up like a Christmas turkey with an excited missus and a dozen other people primed to go. So with an audible gulp I clipped my harness to the rail and off we went. And do you know what? I flipping loved it! The bounce was minimal the slope gentle enough for someone of reasonable fitness and the wind in your hair makes it a far more energising than the rather tame Shard we did later that day. You genuinely get a sense of height without the drop - perfect for wimps like me. There is just about adequate time on the viewing platform although we did have to move on as the next group was approaching. The climb leader took loads of photos of me and the good lady and there were some good views to be had. It's a bit of a shame that the buildings of Canary Wharf block the view of some of the city's more iconic landmarks. Perhaps the highlight was noticing that in the guide that runs around the platform, which is incidentally cast in stone, the Gherkin has been spelt as the Gerkin. Must have been an interesting team meeting in Quality Assurance that day! And so the descent begins and, like a kid on a ride outside a supermarket, as soon as I came to a halt I wanted to start again. Sadly there was neither time nor disposable income for that. on a day that I was generally quite high up (this, the Emirates Cable Car and the Shard) this was the undisputed highlight. You should do it!


I can just recommend this! If done it last weekend and it is an amazing experience! The wind up there and the view was really exciting! But it is quite expensive though...