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    Vin Brulet

    By Giuseppe Ruo, manager of the Library Bar at The LanesboroughServes 110cl Italian red wine3cl Grand Marnier5cl grappa3tsp white sugar2 strips lemon zest2 strips orange zest1 stick cinnamon4 cloves

    Heat and serve in a wine glass with a stick of cinnamon as a garnish.

    Rum Blazer

    By Toby Garcia, manager of Pinchito TapasServes 160ml golden/dark rum2 blackberries3 or 4 raspberriesA pinch of caster sugar, dissolved in the rumA 50p-piece-sized piece of orange zest Equipment:2 brandy balloons – the standard 14oz/400ml ones work the bestWide-mouthed tumblerBoiling waterLighter
    1. Place the berries and the rum in one of the brandy balloons.2. Fill the tumbler nearly to the top with boiling water and then take the balloon containing the rum and fruit and rest it on its side, in the top of the tumbler so that its belly is making contact with the boiling water, thus heating the glass and contents. 3. Twist the brandy balloon by its stem until all sides of the balloon have been thoroughly warmed.4. Set fire to the rum using a lighter and then drop the orange zest into the rum. 5. As the rum burns, keep twisting the glass in the hot water as before. Do this for about 45 seconds to a minute and then extinguish the flame by covering the glass (not with your hand!).6. Pour the hot rum into the second, cold, brandy balloon (as the first glass will be too hot to drink from) and serve.

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