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    House of Wolf Upper Street
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    020 7704 1070

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    Tube: Highbury & Islington

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The place looks nice but we went on a saturday and all the rooms were reserved for private parties. We stayed for a drink with a friend and had to leave because the sounds was too loud and we could't hear each other.

Silke Binias

Unfortunately, the online booking system the Timeout website employs is not reliable at all. We booked a table via it and got a cancellation weeks later out of the blue without any reason. When calling House of Wolf, they actually said they are not working together with the Timeout booking system; therefore, double bookings occur and the one done via the Timeout system gets cancelled. We frequent restaurants all over the word, and something like this has never happened to us before. It is a far cry from customer service: don't use Timeout and toptable to book your tables! You can never be sure the booking is valid ...

Kat McKinney

Last night the barmen in the apothecary were the worst example of how to serve and make drinks I have honestly ever seen. Letcherous, argumentative with customers who disagreed with their 'approach', and the cocktails were vile - dry coconut flakes floating in a thick layer on a long drink? Disgraceful. The drinks were extremely flavourless, even the simple mixed drinks, leaving me with the only assumption that either the mixers or alcohol are watered down, or possibly even that the branded spirits are being rebottled with cheaper alternatives. The toilets were not attended to all night which was a shame as the vomit splashed up the wall and across a cubicle remained stinking and in place for the whole night. Delightful. It's a shame, because the interior decoration was nice....but that's all good there is to say.

Jessie S

Me and my brother had the five course tasting menu. Now, in case you're short of time I shall summarise my critique of these courses for you; nice, nice, nice, stunning, nice. So yes, the first three courses were all good but had I known what they were leading up to, I think I would have been drumming my fingers on the lovely wooden table impatiently, psychically urging the friendly and attentive staff to fast-forward their already efficient service. Course four arrived, looking utterly alien to me - I'm not even sure what it was but crikey, it was divine. Pork, my brother informed me, knowingly. It' was indeed pork, in three varying forms. With some gravy. And some velvety smooth apple sauce. The square shaped bit was melt-in-the-mouth. The piece that came enshrined in spinach was tender and tasty. Now forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea what the third piece was, but I do know that it tasted damn fine. I was the picture of discipline and didn't, ahem, wolf it down.Hell no, I savoured each and every morsel. Jordan Webb, I salute you.

Chris Season

Went down for their "Wolf Roast" on Sunday. Mega!!!! £25 for a roast and as much Bloody Mary as you can put away. Bar downstairs was very chilled, had a band playing. Had our roasts in the restaurant at the very top of the place, well worth the climb up the stairs! Asked the staff what else they had on, they said live music nights in the week and then party djs on the weekends. Wouldn't feel i'd had a bad night out if I ended up here.

Lauren Herlitz

We went here for drinks and dancing. From the description of this place you would think it would be large with lots of exciting rooms to explore. Don't be fooled - it's one medium sized room with a small stage - and a small room upstairs that's quieter where you can get more fancy cocktails. That's it! The restaurant is completely separate and up a further flight of stairs. It's difficult to see the acts on stage from about half way back across the room. Two of the four bartenders that were serving were very slow - they were aching to make complicated cocktails that they'd learnt but took a good 10 mins to make them while many other customers waited. Handling easier orders - a cranberry juice or martini - seem to cause them confusion and further delays. One bartender was outright rude - a chivalrous customer politely informed the bartender I was waiting before him and the bartender seemed offended that someone else was choosing his next customer. The bartender said fine, he'd do both our drinks at the same time but then didn't make mine. When Mr Chivarous pointed this out, he well it didn't matter, I was being served by someone else but I wasn't. I told him so and that I was now going to wait for someone else to serve me and he swore at me under his breath. The fourth bartender was lovely. Overall, though, my impression wasn't good. There wasn't much dancing from anyone that Saturday night. The atmosphere was awkward rather than exciting - I'm not sure anyone really knew what to make to the place. Disappointing and pretentious, would be my choice of words.


Had dinner last Saturday. Really nice space to sit and eat in, waitress was friendly and helpful but without a regular 'is everyting ok for you there?' which is much appreciated! Had Dave Ahern's tasting menu which was fantastic, really different. Great cocktails too, and we had a brilliant time downstairs at the club night afterwards, enjoyed the performances and the DJ's 1940's tea dance music mixed with hiphop, dub step and general filth was great! Go. Go for a playful interesting night out, where you don't feel like you've been here 50 times already because it looks like everything else. The atmosphere's great and you'll have fun.


The food here is amazing and is a real gem amongst Upper Street's many restaurants. We went for the five course tasting menu from chef David Ahern - every course was surprising (but not in a weird or try too hard kind of way, just perfectly balanced and cooked). The seafood chowder was one of the best things I have ever tasted, I would have happily drank the fish broth on its own. The inspired matching drinks were great, the tea infused prosecco at the beginning and alcoholic slush puppy at the end were highlights. Plus the setting is beautiful and our waitress was lovely and knowledgable too. I can't wait to go back!

Rob Morrisby

Right now, I honestly can't think of a restaurant in London I like more. Six of us recently went to House of Wolf for their Sunday roast, and we were all saying the same thing after we left. I think between the six of us, we had five of the dishes available for the Sunday roast, and they were all exceptionally good. The drinks were excellent as well. Don't think that because the cocktails on offer are bottomless, it means its cheap, watered down and only gets topped up once every half an hour. No no! Very nice mimosas and bloody marys, and rarely were our glasses below half full. Yes indeed, half full, and not half empty - such was my all round positive time that Sunday. The service was great as well. From when we made the reservation until we walked out of the door, everyone was helpful and attentive, but also friendly and relaxed. The building itself is wonderful too. Stylish and tasteful decor and plenty of space. I feel sorry for those who had a bad time and written a bad review, but please don't let this put you off. This place is amazing. Consider us firm fans and regulars.


Excellent experience all round. The service was attentive, friendly and professional without being overbearing. The cocktails were very good and a good choice on the wine list. The concept of the set menu was great. There were a couple of things which I wouldn't have normally ordered from an a la carte menu and it forced you to try slightly different things - but every course was excellent and they compliemented each other really well. I thought the venison and cod were particularly good and everything was impeccably presented. All round the idea worked well, the set up and atmosphere in the restaurant are lovely and it was a very enjoyable evening. I will certainly be going back to try the next resident chef's offering.


The service was excellent . We wondered if something surprising would occur but it did not...other than a candle on the birthday cake!!! The food exceeded expectations. My wife is a vegetarian and her menu was excellent. The cocktails were to die for. We would be delighted to return and combine the visit with the evening’s entertainment.


Had an amazing evening at House of Wolf. Booked a table for dinner and then in the bar for cocktails after, amazing food and cocktails! The staff were fantastic, I have a few dietary requirements and they were so helpful before the meal via email when I was booking and during the evening they talked us through all the dishes and their ingredients. I couldn't recommend this place enough. I am currently trying to find an excuse to go back :)


We had an amazing time at House of Wolf. Glad we didn't pay attention to some of the negative reviews we've read because we loved it. We all tried a cocktail from the apothecary which were just incredible, thoroughly recommend trying them! Haven't seen anything like this bar in London anywhere. The meal was a little pricy but the quality of food was excellent and the staff got the level of service spot on. Looking forward to coming back again!

Tara Johnson

I came with a friend for the Wolf Roast on a Sunday and was thoroughly impressed with the whole experience. The booking process was very helpful as after trying to book online and being told there was no availability I emailed the venue and got a very prompt response and was able to reserve a table. The place itself is very quirky and the upstairs restaurant is comfortable with a nice vibe. The service we received was very attentive and prompt, nothing was too much trouble, our drinks arrived quickly and were topped up without us even having to ask. The food was impeccable, probably the nicest roast dinner I've had in a restaurant with great quality ingredients.. i couldn't recommend this place highly enough and will definately be coming back.


We had an amazing meal here -cooked by the Kemble and Rodgers residency. The menu was imaginative and exciting and the quality of the food was outstanding.The dishes were full of flavour and yet completely well-balanced. You can pay twice as much as this and end up with food half as good in London. Would recommend anyone to try this before the chefs move on.I should add that the chefs were more than happy to accommodate a food-allergy I had given notice of when making a reservation. We really felt all the staff were going the extra mile to give us a fun evening

Matthieu Bourgogne

Surprised to see the reviews below. My expectations are very high and they were met. The drinks in the apothecary were very original which is saying something in the current cocktail climate. The food and the service in the restaurant were sublime, and at fantastic value. Looking forward to going back.


We had an absolutely fantastic experience at House of Wolf, and having read the reviews below, I have to wonder if they experienced a different chef, or didn't understand the concept of the tasting menu. We visited during Blanch & Shock's residency, and my friends loved it - it lived up to the high expectations I had set them completely (thankfully!) We had a good few drinks in the apothecary bar, and then the dinner in the Attic was great. The service was really amazing, very attentive, and the little touches like the glass of prosecco on arrival, and the edible snow surprise in the meal were lovely. We've made plans to come back for their musical bingo quiz night in the new year. I would (and have) recommend this place if you're looking for something different


Booked a table for 2 in the Reataurant early November for end of decemberits my partners birthday and had organised a surprise for him, only to be called up 2 days before to tell me that "they had to cancel my table due to chefs not being able to work" When i booked i also asked for a table to be resevred in the apothacary for all 8 of us only to be told "on saturdays we cannot take reservations for the apothcary" I was assured that there would be ample room for us all and that booking was not nessesary! I called back today to disscus thw cancelation with the staff, only to be told that the chef was unable to work due to personal problems and that they were sorry..........i then asked if we could book a table in the apothacary because of the cancelation, to which i was told that the apothacry was fully BOOKED! from 8 onwards! This has totally messed up my secret -plans for my boyfriends birthday! Completly unacceptable! I was offered nothing as a sorry we had to cancel on you! IM NOW IN TOO MINDS WETHER WE GO ON SATURDAY! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIVID IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO HOW I FEEL! So we now have to be there at 6pm to secure a table! absolutly 100% sissapointed in this place and we havnt even been yet!


I'll forgive your over abundance of stars because you obviously didn't eat. But you should seriously consider reviewing this place again because, as it stands, this is misleading. Nice staff, nice drinks, unforgivably bad food, ok bar upstairs, awful bar downstairs and a complete rip off.


Outrageously overpriced... Massive attitude... Thinks its something it's not. .. Tasting menu just simply awful.. With drinks menu supposedly complementing food... Sure did.. Was terrible... I'd give this place a big miss!


We were very disapointed - Whats the point of this place. If people like this, great, but why waste money on such bad service and attitudes


Attended The Burning Beat on Saturday night. Had managed to get an email confirming I was on the list,only to be told at the door that "there was no record". Managed to get in anyway, but could have been a big problem. However, this turned out not to be a kindness - despite a great room, the bar service was appalling, and the show poorly organized and very disappointing. There are better places to get great cocktails without the pomp and hassle of this place.


Yep totally rubbish. We were there a week ago to try out a new local venue, great cocktails and we told the staff we were trying it out before bringing visiting friends this weekend. No mention that this weekend would be a pain in the butt, £5 cover charge and we couldn't get up to the cocktail lounge. At 10pm we were told we could go up at 10.30, at 10.40pm we were told we couldn't get up to the cocktail lounge until 11pm. Sounding like a bit of a con... We were a party of 6 wanting to buy cocktails - worth well more than the £30 cover charge, and as locals, we won't be back. Not impressed.