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A night out in Stoke Newington is always great. Irish pub Auld Shillelagh keeps the mood light and friendly, whilst Jolly Butchers has one of the best selections of ales and ciders in the area. Think we've missed a great drinking spot in Stoke Newington? Let us know in the comment box below.

Auld Shillelagh

  • Rated as: 5/5
  • Critics choice

The added-value attractions at this skinny little Church Street boozer are numerous: sporadic themed music nights (including the Bowie Bar on the second Thursday of the month, with films and food – Diamond Hot Dogs, anyone? – to go with the tunes), big-screen football, a surprisingly large beer garden. But the Shillelagh is at its best when it keeps things simple, as an honest, uncomplicated Irish pub (as opposed to Irish-themed pub; the difference is crucial) that draws a devoted circle of boozed-up Stoke Newingtonians most nights of the week.

  1. 105 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0UD
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Jolly Butchers

  • Rated as: 3/5

It’s not true to say that Stoke Newington has been crying out for a spot like this; by and large, the locals have seemed content with the array of weary boozers, formulaic gastropubs and corny bars that dot N16. Still, the area is a lot richer for its arrival. Formerly a miserable pub, it’s had its tired decor ripped out and replaced by… well, not much. The walls are plain and the furniture is wooden, a decorative ethos that seems built on the elusive phrase ‘shabby chic’. It’s nice enough, as is the no-messing food (burgers, pies, cassoulet, all around a tenner), but the real appeal is provided by the beer.

  1. 204 Stoke Newington High Street, N16 7HU
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Londesborough Pub & Dining Room

  • Rated as: 3/5

This backstreet Stokey local, buried in the complicated network of residential streets behind Church Street, has been spruced up lately after some time in the doldrums. It’s a big place, even bigger than it looks from its streetcorner location, and a difficult one to fill. The deepish back room can feel a bit tumbleweedy when it’s not busy, which is often the case early in the week, and the bare-brick decor doesn’t encourage intimacy. As a result, you’re better off staying at the front, close to the big picture windows and the imposing bar.

  1. 36 Barbauld Road, N16 0SS
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  • Rated as: 3/5
  • Price band: 3/4

Tucked away in the residential labyrinth behind the corner of the High Street and Church Street in Stoke Newington, this is one of the nicer drinking options in a part of London with more than its share of mediocre pubs. The first thing you see as you walk through the corner door is four handpumps (Sharp’s Doom Bar, Black Sheep Ale and others). But there are also novel ciders and a pretty decent wine list, among other drinking options. Food is a selling point – gastropub-style cooking that’s perhaps a little too pricey but, especially at Sunday lunchtimes, ticks most of the comfort-cooking boxes. The locals are a friendly bunch, as are the staff.

  1. 59 Kynaston Road, N16 0EB
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What about the Daniel Defoe on church street? One of the last remaining traditional pubs around

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