Hamburger Queen

Burger Queen
Thursday March 7 2013 19:00
Big is beautiful, baby! And Scottee, you won't be surprised to hear, takes issue with any suggestion otherwise. Striking a chubby-fisted blow against fattism, this plus-size pageant returns for a third year – though its original title, Burger Queen, has fallen foul of a trademark infringement action. Expect rounds on fashion, cooking and talent, support from Amy Lamé and Sami Knight and weekly updates on Scottee and Amy's cognitive therapy process as they investigate how they became fat. Plus sleb judges such as Dr Christian, Su Pollard, Lisa Stansfield, Matthew Kelly and Sue Tilley, performances from the likes of Jonny Woo and Josephine Shaker, resident DJs Unskinny Bop and pop-up dining from Burger Breakout.
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