Friendly Spider Programme

photo: David Axelbank
Mexican red-kneed tarantula
Saturday July 27 2013 14:45 - 18:30
If the sight of a big hairy spider has you breaking out in a cold sweat – or running for your life – then this anti-arachnophobia course might be worth investing in. The ZSL London Zoo session doesn't come cheap, but in the past 20 years its helped more than 5000 people face their fear of eight-legged creatures through a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy. Spider expert Dave Clarke and clinical hypnotherapist John Clifford combine a spider education with practical tips on how to tackle an arachnid invader in the house and a face-to-face introduction with some of the zoo's own spiders.
Event phone: 020 7722 3333
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