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Dance trends move so fast they‘re often a blur, but there‘s a new league of eclectic mash-up DJ royalty emerging from the East End scene that are here to stamp their devil-may-care ‘tude on clubbers in the capital

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    Zombie Disco Squad

    Zombie Disco Squad

    The elite ravers

    Originally nine members strong, ZDS boys Lucas and Nat scaled down to a twosome in 2005 and now slay the floor at their monthly East End night Get Rude. ‘We’ve turned down gigs because we don’t want to be associated with hype; we hope we’re more substance over style. We play house-tempo music but mix in baile funk and Baltimore club music, emphasising heavy basslines and grooves with a lot of bounce.’Catch them at Get Rude at Catch on Saturday 9 and Bastard Soundsystem at Favela Chic on June 10.

    Skull Juice

    Skull Juice

    The Erol protegées

    You can’t mention fresh talent without Alex and Ben. They’ve been working Shoreditch into a frenzy for years with their bass-heavy mixes, drawing praise from Erol Alkan and MSTRKRFT. ‘We started off listening to Erol, 2ManyDJs and Optimo, and playing house parties. It kicked off from there. Fave tracks at the moment? The new Hot Chip single and “Pull Up Dat” by Mark Aaran.’Catch them at Walk The Night at Catch on June 14 and Adventures in the Beetroot Field at Fabric on June 15.


    Kissey Sell Out

    Kissy Sell Out

    The new superstar DJ

    Essex young-gun Tommy Bisdee has already graced the cover of DJ and will reach the masses with his Mark Ronson and Ali Love rerubs this summer. ‘I’m representing the new British dance scene. Skull Juice, Sinden, Herve, Switch and I are going to completely take over. What is my ammunition? I’ve got party poppers, an air horn, a big nose and a bagful of glossy, nostalgic electro.’ Catch him at Herbal on July 14 and at Time Out Lovebox Weekender on July 22.



    The girl/boy duo

    Bok Bok and Manara have only been spinning together for three months but have already notched spots at Modular Weekly, Chalk, Alwayze Frydaze and Real Gold. ‘We’re party DJs but we mix, playing mainly garage, batty bass and grime – what we call ‘banging club’. We don’t do irony; we hate it when people drop Misteeq because they think it’s a token record.’Catch them at 7YG vs Do It! at Corsica Studios on July 22.

    Coconut Twins

    Coconut Twins

    Blingin’ queens of Noize

    Bright young things Zezi and Kesh met at an MC Ear video shoot and bonded over a love of gold and gaiety and cut their teeth on nu-rave folio Super Super. ‘We have our own Coconut scene. If we wake up in the mood for some country ‘n’ western then, boy, better know the cowboy boots and the chaps will be donned. We’ll play everything from Ice Cube to Chaka Khan to Mariah Carey, as long as it’s fun.’

    Catch them at many international dates before they play the TDK Cross Central Festival on August 24.

    Team Mega Mix

    Team Mega Mix

    The ’80s rejects

    The two Teds in bright whites united three years ago over a DJ battle and their Filofax-funk and dry wit has won over the dancing hearts of girls the capital over ever since. ‘We don’t take anything too seriously. Originally our outfits got us bookings, but now we can make any night good. We’d never play anything by Tiësto, trance, Trash Fashion or shite indie bands.’Catch them at Always Frydaze at Egg on June 22 and Cargo on July 4.



    The perfectionist

    Sick of spinning the same joints, journalist-cum-DJ Jaimie is hellbent on dragging the party out of the East End with his sporadic indie-ravin’ night This Is Extra Special. ‘I play hooky electro, house and techno, a lot of late-’80s synthy stuff and old-school Detroit techno and house. I like more cohesive sounds and I’m nostalgic about when set building was an artform in the nineties.’Catch him at Dollop at 93 Feet East on June 15 and Alwayz Frydayz at Egg on July 20.




    DIY rock ‘n’ rave producers

    Bosh! promoters and remixers Seb and Alax shake it up with their sublime electro, rock and urban mash-ups and are bringing out their own single soon. ‘We’ve got one foot in chavvy Harrow bars and one in Trash. We were never new rave; Klaxons just played Bosh! It’s faddy and a new mood, but it’s not about being the next big thing for us, just crafting something people can connect to.’Catch them at The Hoodratz All-Ages All-Dayer at The Dome on Sun 10, Gash at the Horse and Groom on Tuesday 12; and Bosh! at the Old Blue Last on July 6.

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no way. elplate = best dj/mixer i've seen a long time. don't know who half the others are!

granny holland
granny holland

zombie disco squad - man just outta sight- that Lucas - oh man!! - bring it on


elplate cant mix for shit. team mega mix r da best!!!!!!!!!!!