Rinse FM's 18th Birthday Celebrations



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No other city in the world does dance music as well as London and Rinse FM's 18th birthday celebration this Saturday proves it. Started as a pirate radio station in 1994, it's become a global tastemaker that's championed the many sounds of the underground and this Saturday, they're partying hard. With over 40 acts playing, Oliver Keens picks out some highlights and looks at the many different sounds on offer:

Act to see at Rinse FM's 18th birthday bash

  • 1

    Wookie – Garage

    The vibe: Sweet soul underpinned by big basslines. Despite dying off in a blaze of cheesy glory by 2001, garage is back thanks to new-school producers like Mosca and the return of this old master.
    The anthem: ‘Battle’ by Wookie. More soulful than a busload of gospel singers.

  • 2

    P Money – Grime

    The vibe: Hardcore rhymes over hardcore beats. After decades spent copying US hip hop, London MCs like Dizzee and Tinie Tempah finally gave Britain its own voice.
    The anthem: ‘What Did He Say?’ by P Money. Guaranteed to make dancefloors rise up like Roger Moore’s eyebrows.

  • 3

    Joker - Dubstep

    The vibe: Moody and magnificently bassy. Born in south London and still vital despite the influence of American emulator and pantomime villain, Skrillex.
    The anthem: ‘Purple City’ by Joker. Noir-ish sci-fi beats, perfect for a remake of ‘Blade Runner’.

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    Roska – UK funky

    The vibe: Dubstep’s more up-for-it cousin. Still laced with some inner-city grit, UKF aims itself squarely at the dancefloor thanks to its use of deep African drums.
    The anthem: ‘Squark’ by Roska. An irresistible rhythm, punctuated by a sound similar to a screeching seagull.

  • 5

    A-Trak – Electro

    The vibe: Bleepy, hyperactive rave.Expect a huge ‘hands-in-the-air’ build-up and floor-quaking drop every three minutes or your money back.
    The anthem: ‘Heads Will Roll’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (A-Trak remix). An epic reworking of the NYC indie trio.

  • 6

    Modeselektor – Techno

    The vibe: Mental machine music. Building on crude (and sweaty) origins, techno has become richly sophisticated in recent years thanks to this German duo.
    The anthem: ‘Cash’ by Modeselektor. A synth-led assault on both your cerebellum and your booty.

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