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    Ink [CLOSED] 1 Leicester Square
    WC2H 7NA

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    020 7287 0151

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    Thu-Sun 9pm-3am

  • Transport:

    Tube: Leicester Square

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    £20, £10 concs, free before 11pm

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    1. Ink [CLOSED]

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I had decided to put myself and my friends on the guest list last Saturday as I had friends travelling from all around the country to visit me and wanted to make their night special. We arrived there at 10pm (bare in mind the doors do not open until 10.30pm) and we waited as we were warned you do get busy early. There were only 10-12 people in front of us. When we were finally spoken to they told us it was a £30 charge per head after being told it would be free, when politely questioning this we were pushed out the queue by the lady gaga look alike hostess and the doorman, both of whom where extremely rude. As 4 respectful girls we did not expect this behaviour. I have never been spoken to in that way before. Far from the great customer service they are supposed to be giving. I work in this industry myself and I know that the attitude of these 2 particular staff is not the one to have. If you are not willing to pay high prices to be spoken to like an animal then I would advise not to waste your time visiting here! Luckily as I said I work in that industry and managed to sort something out for us nearby so our night was not completely ruined!!


The worst door staff I've ever come across in my life and totally ruined my birthday. Please listen to this review as I wouldn't wish what happened to me to anyone else. In October I booked through a very lovely and prompt guest relations worker for the club. I booked a booth for 13 people on Saturday 7th December at 10 oclock and asked how much min spend would be. She informed me it was £500 and entry would be £10 for all my guests before 10.30. I sent her my guest list, filled out a credit card form and confirmed the booking. We all arrived at 10 and all kept waiting until 10.45 in the cold! We were dressed beautifully and smart. My group was made up of 10 ladies and 3 men. The door staff let a group infront of me go forward into the club. He then snapped at me 'you're not part of the group' and slammed the rope down on the rail forcing me back. He called over the door manager. She looked me up and down and was incredibly rude and she spoke to me like dirt on her shoe. Not that this should matter but i was wearing Tiffany and Pandora jewellery and Louboutin shoes but was looking at me like I was scum of the earth. Without a smile she snapped at me for my name and said without looking at me "You need to pay £20 each and it's a £900 minimum spend' As I calmly explained to her that I had booked the booths for an agreed amount already she said 'I don't care the door has the say and I'm saying I would never let a table to you for £500.' (Why employ the lovely lady from guest relations if what she books with customers counts for nothing?) As I went to respond she moved on to the next group and dismissed them also (a beautiful group of classy girls) and the door man told us to get out the line. I burst into tears and my friend asked Stuck up door manager to speak to her boss and she said no. She also wouldn't give her manager's name. My friend is training to be a solicitor and informed her that she can not legally do that and that according to contract law you cannot increase the price when it had been agreed upon. Anyway we decided to go to Grace bar and got queue jump and a gorgeous booth there. My partner has been to INK before and it's ok but definitely not as good as Grace bar and does not deserve the prentious, disgustingly rude attitude of the door staff. INK is small and is surrounded by booths. There is no dance floor and there is waiter service (which is at a service charge of 12.5%). My partner recommended it because i wanted a booth so all my friends could talk and he knows im a huge pro green and Millie fan. Needless to say he was outraged by how badly i was treated. Out of the 13 of us in my group 10 of us are professional people that consist of a solicitor, a journalist, a policeman, teachers and business analysts. My partner works for a blue chip company and told me money was no option and we would have been happy to pay £900 in the club if that was to agreed price. We left based purely on the rude,judgemental, pretentious door staff. I will never be coming back unless I'm assured Stuck up door manager is sacked and they teach their doorstaff some manners and train them up to a proper customer service standard. I have been a huge professor green fan for years , before he became very famous. I love Professor Green for his music and I respect that he come from an under privileged background and did well for himself and has stayed true to who he is. However , if he knows of the pretentious, judgemental doorstaff that he has then I've lost respect for him. Interestingly if pro green wasn't famous he'd get turned away from his own club! This club is popular because it's new but if it won't be popular for long with that attitude. Out of 7 groups I saw queuing the stuck up door manager let in 2. Anyway we searched the streets with me very disappointed and stressed looking for a club where we didn't have to queue for long for my group to get in. We found Grace bar by 12 am!! It saved the night and we had an amazing time. We spent loads of money and enjoyed some lovely cocktails! INK need to realise that are losing a lot of money by being judgemental and rude. They need to be aware that other club promoters wait near the queue and get other clubs lots of business by preying on the doorstaff's victims. Promoters also told us they get so angry as they send clientele to INK and get them business and then power hungry Stuck up Door manager turns them away. I will not let this rest as I'm disgusted that doorstaff behave this way and ruined most of night. INK will get a very bad reputation! Sort it out Pro Green!


I have previously been to INK, had a good evening and spent a vast amount of money on drinks and food but yesterday really changed my perception of the club and its sexist door policies. As I know the club is popular I made sure I was placed upon the guest list to ensure entry. Upon going to the door I was met by a rude doorman who had an unnecessary air of arrogance about him that put my back up immediately with his blank face and 'unbothered' attitude. When I told him I was on the guest list he said we don't allow men in on their own and you have to be accompanied by a woman which I know was a LIE as I previously didn't have such a problem. Not only was this odd to me for that reason but as soon as he said this, his co worker proceeded to let in 4 men who were not accompanied by women and then a large group of women not accompanied by men. The bouncer then told us to get out of the queue abruptly, which was not only embarrassing but unnecessary as I didn't pose a threat nor was I hostile to any of the staff's rude attitudes. I have long been a fan of Professor Green and wish him every success with his club, but I personally feel he needs to look into the temperaments/ attitudes of his staff as they have some serious ego issues which tarnish the clubs image from the outside in and needs to clearly state their sexually biased policies on their website and other collateral so people will not waste their time trying to attend knowing that they will be turned away based on the fact that they are male. In all, I don't believe I will be going back there again and have informed many friend about what occurred including a good friend who works for the Guardian newspaper as I feel this needs to be highlighted as far too many clubs have this sexist policy, and I'm afraid INK LDN are following suite.

Gordan Towne

This area of town isn’t very hip, but INK is is still as much a destination in its own right as it is a hidey-hole to avoid the drink offer-seeking masses. We were thrilled to be consistently served some of the most innovative cocktails in London all night, despite much of the noughties Shoreditch irony feels somewhat incongruous. The bar was bustling, so if you want peace and privacy, book a table where the service is uniformly excellent. All in all, we felt like everything had a massive ‘Drink Me’ quality that makes choosing from the menu tricky. Thoughtful bar snacks, such as posh dogs and mac n cheese mean you don’t have to leave all night. And in the heart of Central London, that’s not a bad thing.

Colin Dishere

From the minute you set foot through the door (excitement enough after waiting in the seemingly never-ending queue that this club attracts) and are waiting to pay in reception you can feel the excitement of the party from upstairs. Step into a lift and prepare for a scene of dance floor carnage to unfold in front of you. Ink attracts everyone and anyone who wants to have a good time. The heavy presence of security ensures that there’s rarely trouble and that anyone who does try and cause it is dealt with quickly which results in an excellent party atmosphere for everyone out to have fun. Most importantly, the bar staff are extremely fast and efficient which is just want you need when everyone is fighting to get to the bar and you’re desperate to join your mates again on the dance floor. The music at INK varies depending on what night it is but it’s always a quality affair. Perfect for unwinding after a long week and gearing up for a weekend of debauchery.

Shays hay

A Hoxton Square styled club in the heart of the West End is the biggest lie that this place is selling. Just because it has graffiti on the walls and visible pipes, doesn't make it any less pretentious than other snobbish west end night clubs. The door staff are rude, pretentious, judgemental and appear to be racist as last night all groups that were only made up of Black's and Asian's were turned away from the club, and it wasn't because they were dressed unacceptable or weren't on the guest list, they just did not match the club criteria as they were the wrong race. All associated with this establishment should be ashamed and disgusted. Give me the REAL Hoxton square anyday of the week and leave this mess to the Made in Chelsea crowd.

Dee Owens

INK has brought a touch of sparkle to one of London's more sombre areas, and, in a sea of so many mediocre bars it stands out like a beacon. This is a seriously good bar. As a bar it's difficult to top. The interior certainly packs a punch with lots of modern features intertwined with bizarre and interesting installations. The bar serves a magnificent range of drinks including exquisite cocktails though be warned, it won't be too easy on the wallet. The staff are friendly, fun and very helpful. I haven't been here for food yet but they seem to focus on traditional East End pub grub. It's certainly one to get the party started.

Jonn Ogiden

Heard about this place through the initial fluster of news stories and thought it would be totally overrated. Was so wrong. Service was amazing, the hot waitresses made a straight girl think twice, the DJ was AMAZING - playing a mix of all my favourite tunes - felt like he was DJing to me! The drinks were so nice, really good variety, we ended up being convinced to try quite a few of them so I can't really remember what time we went home but definitely woke up wanting to come back!

Jenny Bedile

Emailed in for guestlist for me and my friends for a birthday bash last Friday night. Was already a queue outside but it was swift getting in, up an alluring lift with lots of smiles from everyone in the way in. We hadn't reserved an area but was comfortable to hang out, the bar was fast to serve us - and wicked bar tenders whipped up some amazing looking and even tastier cocktails. Really enjoyed the music, there isn't a dancefloor so you find yourself dancing around all over the place, which was great to meet new people. I noticed the waitresses were really attentive to everyone on the tables, so will definitely book one next time!

Kayleigh Harrisson

Came last Saturday - red velvet so sexy walking in, bizarre lift ride then in to the club which was like I was in a Williamsburg warehouse - very cool.. the music not "cool cool", stuff I knew, but mixed in a way I didn't, which made the night feel more special than usual! Loved the cocktails, especially all themed around Professor Green.. ha ha! He wasn't there but it didn't matter, there were enough pretty boys to keep me entertained.

Helen Sharpe

It's hard to launch a new club. Especially when someone like Pro Green is behind it - as a lot of people expect it to be something exceptional immediately, and the rest want to see a popular musician fail. Fortunately for Pro and INK, this is not the case - mainly thanks to it's stellar commitment to service and serving up strong, tasty and good looking cocktails, intriguing yet delicious food and DJs who haven't followed the West End rulebook on how to make your ears bleed, but instead cook up a mix of eclecticism and good manners. Yes, it's in Leicester Square (although more at home in Chinatown, I'd say) but the clientele are gorgeous, the door hosts beautifully polite and the waitresses as charming as Christmas. Some people will hate this just because they can. Others won't be so stupid and will make this their number one party destination. Clever cats.

Sally Beckers

Hi! So I came here for my birthday party and it was insane. Pro Green was here hanging out, no pretentiousness from him and the whole place was going off - dance-offs, hands in the air, it was a proper party, and on a Thursday night and the hangover at work was soo worth it. Coming back again next week!


If you like going out in central London but hate all of the pretentiousness of west end clubs then INK is the place to go. I've been only the one time but I would definitely go back. I loved how friendly everyone who works there is and the art work on the walls are not to be missed. It is a little tricky to find but once you're in it's SO worth it. Would recommend it to anyone.

Scarlett Origene

Heard about this place through the initial fluster of news stories and thought it would be totally overrated. Was so wrong. Service was amazing, the hot waitresses made a straight girl think twice, the DJ was AMAZING - playing a mix of all my favourite tunes - felt like he was DJing to me! The drinks were so nice, really good variety, we ended up being convinced to try quite a few of them so I can't really remember what time we went home but definitely woke up wanting to come back!


Phew! After a late Monday night in Ink I am still blurry eyed with aching feet, but I must admit... it was worth it. The attempt at bringing a bit of 'east to west' was a bit of a fluffy one. The east London feeling starts in the lift that takes you up to the fifth floor, with it's industrial feel, but ends with the graffitied brickwork and walls inside the club. Other than that, it is very much a 'west end club' with Belvedere buckets on every table, a plush looking bar and more waitresses and hostesses than there are punters! But saying that, the sound system is decent with a bass line vibrating through the club powerful enough to tickle your nostrils, the drink prices are not extortionate compared to other clubs of the same status in the area, and there are some quirky pieces of artwork dotted around, one including an illuminated Jesus statue as you walk through the door, and some chintzy chandeliers hanging about. Overall I think Pro Green has done a decent job, and this club does stand out from the crowd of west end clubs as having something special about it. I would recommend a visit to this well planned out and electrifying 'west' end club!