Chris Addison's top ten stand-up comedians

The 'Mock the Week' and 'The Thick of It' star reveals his favourite comics



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Next up in our series of comedians naming their favourite fellow comics, erudite wonder and ‘The Thick of It’ star Chris Addison chooses his top ten living stand-ups.


James Acaster

‘The best comics don’t sound like anyone else. James Acaster only sounds like James Acaster. And he does that brilliantly.’


Boothby Graffoe

‘More charisma and quiet brilliance than any one person has the right to. He also comes up with some of the finest songs you’ll hear.’


Roisin Conaty

‘Half-gobby, half-insecure, totally honest. She has a God-given comic ability.’


Kevin Eldon

‘Arguably the best comic performer of his generation and a master of the point where smart and silly meet.’

Joe Wilkinson

Joe Wilkinson

‘A shambling, slightly chaotic, downbeat persona belies his top-drawer comic mind and beautiful turns of phrase.’

Lee Mack

Lee Mack

‘If you’re not laughing at Lee Mack you need to check with your GP as you may have locked-in syndrome.’

Jo Enright heralds a golden age of female comedy

Jo Enright

‘I’ve had lines from Jo Enright’s stand-up going round my head for years now. One of the most naturally funny people I’ve ever met.’

Stephen Merchant

Stephen Merchant

‘He was brilliant when he started out in the late ’90s and even better when he took up stand-up again a few years ago.’

Daniel Kitson with Gavin Osborn

Daniel Kitson

‘Legend, cult, beardist, very hard to spot in the wild but so entirely worth the effort. A tender heart and a steely punch.’

Billy Connolly: popularised use of the term 'jobby'

Billy Connolly

‘Goes in and out of fashion, due to “fashion” being an idiot, but has been consistently the best stand-up of the last 40 years. I’ve seen him loads and there’s never been a time when he hasn’t had me on my knees laughing, hoping I won’t have to go to hospital from oxygen depletion.’

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