Jeff Mirza – From Allah with Love


Character comedy

Tara Theatre

Sat Jul 6 2013

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Sacha Kennedy

Isaw the main show at Edinburgh Fringe Fest 2013 Just the Tonic, very funny, I was happy to see some empowerment with the word "paki". Some of my best friends are from Pakistan, I used to shudder when I would hear the word used in a derogatory way, like we used to be called gypsies, it's enlightening to realise that we can be proud of our heritage and not allow racists to redefine us by using our own terminology in a negative way, I think the PAki Pride movement is a good thing. I also enjoyed the way jeff dealt with some of the issues I was alway curious about, like women in Islam and some of those stereo types, he was not defensive about those things but he dealt with them with some well placed irony. Us Irish. Catholics have our own skeletons in the closet, like immoral clerics and hypocritical impractical rules about women's rights over their own bodies, wish we had someone who could talk about them like Jeff does his community. Funny show, very "inclusive" with "Jamila" loved her. I would be proud to be a Paki!!

tony nabil

I really liked Jeff Mirza's Edinburgh preview.There was a lot of fun gags peppered with more dangerous material about 'honour killings' and other issues. The Paki Bashir Halal butcher character was feisty and the muslim cleric Abu Hamsta was slightly darker and edgier.