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Jeremy Lion Goes Green is an absolute treat

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  • Jeremy Lion review

    Jeremy Lion

  • All those serious, soul-exposing one-person shows that overwhelm the festival’s programme are all very well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to refresh the palate with some delightful silliness. Not that Justin Edwards' character creation ‘Jeremy Lion’ isn’t intelligent – the sharp one-liners and witty set pieces in this eco-themed show are all masterfully created and incredibly funny. In ‘Jeremy Lion Goes Green’ the red-faced performer is on a mission to become environmentally friendly after a talking polar bear bestows his shed with magical powers that enable it to travel across the globe. Along the way, aided by some imaginative costumes and pianist/sidekick Hilary Cox, he encounters oily seagulls, oceanic beasts and singing trees to demonstrate the effects of his ecological ignorance. As is his shtick, Lion’s at his funniest when sloshed, constantly inventing a neat excuse for a drink – the progressively boozy finale is a real gem and this bumbling creation is an absolute treat. Just don’t take the kids.

     'Jeremy Lion Goes Green' is at the Pleasance Dome at the Edinburgh Fringe, 20.20.

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